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                                                                           Do you want to Improve Mobility & Balance?
                                                                           Gain Core Strength and Flexibility?
                                                                           Tone up by learning to Engage your Deep Muscles?
                                                                           Relax whilst getting Fit and having Fun?


Then Pilates is Right for you! Book your course Now!


However, if Music & Dance motivates you.... Like it does for me,

Then you can take Fitness to another Level... with

Dance Moves!


Fit Swing! 



A Class designed to motivate you and Get Fit whilst having Fun Dancing!  

Keep your Mind & Body Active!

Keep mobile and coordinated through guided  fitness dance-moves.

 Sessions begin with a core muscle warm up stretch exercise's

 Get fit by dancing! The best way to exercise! Have a go!



Pilates  or & Dance Moves

Join Now! Any Class!

£5 First Taster Session! on any Pilates class.  Dance Moves with Fit Swing £5 per Class; Courses of 5 or 7 consecutive sessions at discount price,  please check prices on Dance Moves Classes Section for more information.  

Full list of Classes & Prices in the Pilates Class/Dance Moves Classes section.

Book or find out more by email: doris@toneup2fitness.com Phone or text to 07769687319

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