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About me

I am Doris and I have been a fitness enthusiast throughout my entire life. At School and at University I took part in various Sporting activities, majority team playing and but also swimming.

About Me & Pilates

Pilates came to me when working as a Spanish Language teacher, which is my first qualified profession when I was living in Surrey 25 years ago.
I started learning to do Yoga at the School hall after lessons along with Pilates; which I found to be better suited for my body.
Then after moving to Devon in 2005 two years later, I was advised by my physiotherapist to go back to Pilates as a regular fitness activity to help ease joint and back pains that I was suffering since undergoing chemo treatment.

I joined almost every class of Pilates that was available nearby and after doing Pilates 3 to 4 times a week for about 2 to 4 months, I stopped taking painkillers, and I didn’t need more Physiotherapist treatment!

Therefore, I am proof of the greatest benefits of doing Pilates regularly. I was inspired and motivated. I explored different Pilates approaches, classes and exercises, learnt lots from a variety of methods used by different instructors. Until I decided to become a Qualified Mat Pilates Instructor myself. I am truly convinced by the effect ‘Pilates’ has on the body; its therapeutic benefits aiding to improve the body’s mobility, balance, core strength and help easing joint flexibility by releasing back’s aches by strengthened deep core muscle. This is the fundamental base of Pilates Exercises and philosophy.

I have learnt the Joseph Pilates approach to exercise and its Principles. I’m still learning to adjust and apply its methods; improving and exploring different approaches that complement my classes.

The Pilates principles make Pilates exercises unique, so my aim is to incorporate them into my classes for your benefit and enjoyment.

Concentration through central breathing together with exercises of precision and quality; make for a flowing movement of control. Being aware of our body’s responses to these exercises helps us improve our strength and stamina, as well as learning to relax and connect to our inner body and mind. It itself is a mindfulness experience that complements my classes in their final stage of complete relaxation, using breathing techniques to achieve Mindfulness and Inner Awareness.

Over all I believe Pilates is an alternative way to get fit and tone up, to gain flexibility, improve mobility and balance by training and exercising our deep muscles needed in every movement; Core muscles are involved in every exercise you do; from walking, running, swimming, as well as in every day’s activity; dressing up, doing home & work duties, from lifting up an object to bending to collect o retrieve one! picking up the baby/child or shopping bags, carrying your briefcase / suitcase, bags… going up or down stairs, in the gym balancing on a beam, climbing a ladder or doing any play sports or activity like swimming, kayaking, surfing, paddling, cycling, horse riding and all the others, but moving in general; in every day’s activity you core muscles are needed!

Pilates is a real alternative to keep mobile, relaxed and flexible if you, as well as me, is not so keen in gyms or jogging but is keen to improve fitness and wellbeing.

About Me & DanceMoves

Dancing on the other hand has been part of my life forever!

I remember my mother telling me that as a child I danced in my cot before I walked; just like almost every Latino child, music & dance is part of life…

Our hips Don’t Lie, we feel the Rhythms of the Music in our bones, our muscles and our body can’t stop Moving to the Beat!

I have designed a class to motivate you to Get Fit and Have Fun Dancing!

A session aimed to keep your Mind & Body Active through coordinated and guided fun fitness dance-movements.

My classes begin with a core muscle warm up stretching exercise to prepare your body for a fun and active session, designed to improve your coordination and mobility. By allowing your body to feel and follow the rhythms of the music; your body and mind will learn basic fun dance steps/movements!

Get Fit by Dancing to lively music; learning classics moves & steps from Latin Rhythms!

Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Tango, Mambo, cha-cha-cha, Jazz as well as classic dancing moves from pop, rock and roll & more…

This is not an aerobic class; no jumping round. Dance moves helps you to keep fit without the need of a dancing partner! Feel free with Dance Moves!

Have Fun & Get fit by dancing! The best way to exercise!

Origins of Toneup2Fitness

I created ‘Toneup2Fitness’ to inspire my view of Fitness through Fun & enjoyment whilst also learning to Relax through Mindfulness and Pilates’ based exercises! You also can keep fit using Dance’Moves through Music!

Keeping Fit doesn’t need to be painful or hard, just as to keep healthy doesn’t mean to deprive yourself of delicious food!

It’s the approach to both that is the key!

Fitness & Health go hand on hand, there’s truth in the saying: ‘Healthy body / Healthy Mind.’

To achieve Physical Fitness you need to exercise regularly; a Healthy body & mind needs a balance of nutritional food consumption and an active brain! Using your brain every day by learning something new that requires association & memory function; like a new Language, (any takers for Spanish?) or learning to playing an instrument; solving mind puzzles, playing chess; doing maths calculations … for example …

Body balance movement & Coordination in exercise to music requires brain engagement!

Eating well & sensible; Look for affordable & sustainable food!

You are in charge of your eating habits! Choose the food that is best for your body & mind as well as for the environment that your life depends on!

I’m not an expert on diets; I have never followed one… however I do watch what I eat for health reasons. I often learn and use new recipes trying local products from the farmer’s market in town!

Being conscious of keeping your body & mind healthy as well as respecting our environment is everybody’s duty, in my opinion.

Doris is a Certified L3 Pilates instructor- REPS Skills Register Member- VCTC qualified-Public Liability insured.




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